Congratulations to our FAU bachelor student Igor Gutmann and his team for winning the 1st prize of the Automotive hackadays organised by UnternehmerTUM. During 5 days, the participants had to build multidiciplinary teams and prototype new automotive concepts for BMW cars that have been enhanced with IoT capabilities. 11 BMW cars were made available on the venue for the hackers, including BMW Mini and i3 cars, to develop and test new business applications for connected cars.

Igor's team, the "Freude am Fahren", developed an application that improves the way users treat their cars by awarding them for good driving behaviour and by providing feedback about bad driving performances. Therefore, they calculated the efficiency and safety of their driving behavior by analyzing certain car's data using an algorithm that relies on fuzzy logic. If the users drive well, they get discrete feedback on the screen of the car. And after the ride, they get a notification on their phone about the route they took and the safety and efficiency performances on different segments of that route. With this concept, the team targets the careless driving behavior of the users of BMW DriveNow. The team also developed a simulation environment for testing the application, then evaluated and improved the quality of the results by testing it on the car in real settings.