Our associate researcher Aida Boukhris has been invited last week by the multinational firm PTC to give a webinar on the IoT adoption drivers and challenges. The webinar is now featured as Webcast Replay on the website of Thingworx, the IoT cloud platform commercialized by the company PTC. During the 34-minute session, Ms. Boukhris has essentially covered the topic of how the internet of things is changing the academic and start-up landscape, and the need for the industry to collarobate with educational institutions to overcome talent shortage. She has provided examples about how this issue is addressed in the region of Nuremberg. Ms. Boukhris has also talked about the IoT academy that was organised in Bavaria as part of the Horizon 2020 framework, highlighting the best practices and the rationale of the academy that now serve as a blueprint for further academic programs.

The webinar can be accessed here.


Photo: "Creative Commons Internet of Things" by McGeddon is licensed under CC BY 2.0