MSc International Information Systems

The Ikea-Effect and other approaches which describe the affection to self-created products – a systematic literature review

The IKEA-Effect occurs when co-creators over-evaluate their contribution to co-created products. Current research tries to explain this mechanism through a variety of theories like the Endowment-Effect, the Not-Invented-Here-Syndrome or the Extension of Self-Identity. But there are also other approaches to the positive evaluation self-created products like the Handmade-Effect, the Selfmade-Effect or the (Reverse) Trophy Effect.

Your task will be a systematic literature review about the Ikea-Effect and its related theories. For more information, please contact Melanie Osswald.

IP in collaborative innovation

When innovating in collaborative projects, the role of intellectual property (IP) and the evaluation of inputs for the definition of revenue flows are crucial. This thesis looks at current practices of handling IP in the early phases of innovation and the perceptions of collaborating innovators all around this important issue. Details and more background will be discussed in a first meeting.


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